Yacy testvergleich programm?

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Yacy testvergleich programm?

Beitragvon datamove » Fr Apr 09, 2010 1:41 pm


I habe in Englische foren gefragt, here "cross-posting".

Gibt es ein programm das kann Yacy performance messen? Z.B. wie lange wird 10GB detei geindext. Dann kan mann mehrere HW loesungen (usd OS anpassungen) damit probieren und der richtige HW/SW auswahlen..

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Re: Yacy testvergleich programm?

Beitragvon Quix0r » Fr Apr 23, 2010 3:43 pm

We also speak english here. :) :) :)

If you ask for benchmarking, there are some rudimentary scripts located in yacy/bin/ for search benchmarking. For how fast the KelondroDB can flush it's "database" to the disk, it highly depends on which filesystem (EXT4 is recommended because of the extents), hardware and other programs you have running.

Of course, every program loads and saves its data faster on a hard drive with 32 MB internal cache than with 2 MB cache (which I have) but still my node needs only some seconds to flush the "database". BTW: In true words, the database itself is already written to disk, but e.g. on shutdown YaCy will dump an index of the blob file for faster dumping and loading on next startup.

For "online" operations, like I said, it highly depends on your hardware (internal cache of hard drive, memory size and speed (bigger/faster is always better) and CPU. You can also optimize it a little by tweaking kernel settings (like preampture model or I/O scheduler). But this is not supported by the team (how you configure it). So don't expect high performance from a slow old hard drive (UDMA-66 e.g.). :) :)
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