Pageranking, security and speed of search

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Pageranking, security and speed of search

Beitragvon dudumomo » Sa Aug 21, 2010 5:07 pm

Hi there,

I've started to translate the wiki in French (Well, just started) but I got some concerns about YaCy....
I would like to get deeper information, especially on the pagerank, the security and the speed of the search engine.

Here are my concerns:
- How the pagerank is calculated ? Is it done by YaCy ? Because the results are very very different than other web search engine.

- As I have understood, because the structure is a P2P structure, when Mister A want to find something on the net, by using the YaCy search engine, Mister A ask the index of users B, C, D, etc...But in such a case, B, C and D can clearly see what Mister A was looking for ain't it ?

- About the slowness of the search engine, I have to admit it takes much more time to perform a search through YaCy than through Google. Is it possible to speed up this ? How ? Why is it slow ? What could solve that ?

Sorry for posting in english here...An answer in english, french or german will suit me in anycase. (I don't speak german but my translator do :D )
Thanks for your answer.
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Re: Pageranking, security and speed of search

Beitragvon nstaudt » Fr Sep 03, 2010 3:58 pm

I would also like to know this information - could someone post an overview of this, or a link to a wiki page or forum topic?

Check out this topic: - not directly related to page rank etc, but that's why I too would like to know more on this topic, it may affect further work on the project mentioned in that topic.

Regarding not being able to speak German - I don't speak German either, but if you use Chrome as your browser, then it translates well enough to get a rough idea of what's going on :)
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