YaCy is too unfriendly yet

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YaCy is too unfriendly yet

Beitragvon ano@nymo.us » Di Nov 29, 2011 10:54 pm

I have decided to help this project and install YaCy. My PC has Core2 6300 CPU, 4GB RAM, Win7 and 50Mbps internet.
So I have installed YaCy. Now I am going to uninstall it, because of:
1) I spent 30 minutes, but I have not found a way to chechk if YaCy works!!! or it does not work
2) There are not normal guide in english, no presentations... any user friendly way to solve the very common issues.
Note, that I have 15 years experience in IT. So goodbye forever YaCy project
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Re: YaCy is too unfriendly yet

Beitragvon bluumi » Mi Nov 30, 2011 8:25 am

Sorry, you're right and wrong.
- i re-install yacy after two years away - and it does not start too. (Same Question:does it run?)
but, if you have 15 years exp. you find with some click or searchs, where the file are, if there is some "running" ID and so.
If you have 15 years exp, and search 30 min. i don't hire you for a job :) - or you have only 15 years exp. to use a Apple Macintosh (sorry) :twisted:
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