support for YaCy on CTF365 battleground

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support for YaCy on CTF365 battleground

Beitragvon Orbiter » Mo Nov 25, 2013 5:39 pm

CTF365 operators of the battleground-embedded YaCy peer are looking for YaCy developer support for the purpose to harden YaCy in rough environments. Marius, the current maintainer of the 'Googu' (YaCy) search wrote me:
Marius hat geschrieben:What I did, I took YaCy, I did a basic Debian deploy, changed the layout to be more catchy by imitating Google, and let our security professionals play with it.
There (on CTF365) are more open source apps and beside letting infosec professionals get train, another scope is that CTF365 platform can help Open Security community to become more secure by sending their findings (vulnerabilities) to that specific open source development team. Which I did with you too.

For example we use ESME to mimic microblogging platform Twitter. And there are more to come like for social network etc.

The platform invite open source communities to use it as a pentest platform for your products.

Marius asks me to support the search plattform there:
Marius hat geschrieben:Would you like to take over that server and keep it update it? Every time they find a vulnerability and reported, it will be directly send it to you and will have the opportunity to fast fix YaCy security holes and make it more secure.

..but I rejected since this would eat up too much time which I currently need for development and documentation in advance of the 30C3 which will bring 'nice' things for YaCy (this will be really nice!).

So here is my question to everyone: who wants to take over maintenance of Marius' CTF365 YaCy and hold the YaCy flag on a YaCy team fortress there? I will send Marius a link to this posting so you can get in direct contact.
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Re: support for YaCy on CTF365 battleground

Beitragvon Quix0r » Mo Nov 25, 2013 7:54 pm

Nice things could be a more intensive cleanup like I have always proposed:
- Use interface as type-hint wherever possible
- Rewrite the bootup/shutdown process to visitor-based approach
- Get rid of more old code and replace it with encapsulated (new) code

I was asked by Orbiter by through email if I'm still involved in YaCy, so here is the answer: Only running an out-dated node as my changes has not been fully merged. In development I have currently retired from it as my patches are declared as "change all and everything".
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