How to beat Google?

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How to beat Google?

Beitragvon Yududi » So Jan 12, 2014 5:51 pm


would like to use this thread to collect all your ideas on:
"How to beat Google?"

Surely not physical but the quality of a search result.
YaCy is a P2P search engine that causes some limitations and the results of a search could still be improved.
Think on stuff like a global file system, how to handle the situation when a peer goes down and so on.

Btw: I don't care and you should not care too even if your ideas sounds crazy and includes a satellite in the orbit (not orbiter :lol: ).
Think about it and please share all your ideas here.

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Re: How to beat Google?

Beitragvon davidm » Mo Feb 03, 2014 8:35 pm

There is the obvious: beat them on a larger index size. But that is difficult indeed!!

I would suggest that we could beat them by offering more configuration options for the power users so they can define how their search engines work. This is something Google does not give them. Ideally we should match Google's search capabilities and then look to exceed them in this regard.

A weakness the last time I checked was the inability to do exact multi-word searches like "yacy beta" or "Orlando, FL". From reading from what I recall the nature of the dHt implementation makes this difficult.

Right now though at this point it's probably most important to make sure the client is stable. Otherwise people will run it and uninstall it once it always crashes or locks up their system. This was why I left a few years ago. So far so good on my tests this time. 48 hours uptime so far. :)
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