YaCy funding and development policy

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YaCy funding and development policy

Beitragvon luc » So Dez 13, 2015 9:53 pm

Hi everyone,
I've been using YaCy for some months now, and contributed as far as I could in my free time. I really enjoy having this alternative as a search engine, and to my mind it is really important to keep it alive and make as simple to use as possible.
Looking deep inside the code, I have seen it is already a big piece of work!
So I was wondering about current development and funding model... Is it currently only the work of volunteers? Do some people get rewarded for their work on YaCy?
I guess Orbiter or other developers get involved full time on YaCy at some times (but not now?)... To my mind, there is much to do to improve reliability, performance, ease of use and installations for new comers... So there is already enough work for full time developers not to wait an eventual YaCy2 architecture. Is it planned to launch funding campaigns? What do you think about crowdfunding? Has it already been used to fund YaCy?
I am an experienced Java/J2EE developer and would find it great to have the opportunity to work full time on YaCy, at least for some months. But it requires some time and some funding. Does YaCy team would support an individual crowdfunding campaign?
That's all for my questions... :) I posted here in English because it seems to be the most appropriate place in the forum... and my German is too poor.
Thanks for any feedback.
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Re: YaCy funding and development policy

Beitragvon Orbiter » Sa Dez 19, 2015 11:05 am

Hi luc,
when I started YaCy it was work I did in my free time. During these years I already worked as freelance consultant and YaCy was developed while I was sitting in a train or in hotel rooms or (much worse) when I was home and did not share my time with my family. In the most recent years I was able to sell consultancy for YaCy to 'selected' customers (yes I 'unselected' not a few job offerings from the dark side). Many professional enhancements (like solr integration, GSA protocol support, very rich metadata format, dump creation, front-end enhancements) came from customer requests.

What I have painted in the YaCy2 graphics is a model to have opportunities to intensivate such professional enhancements. I would love to enhance YaCy with or without funding from companies, but it is necessary to have a good choice how to earn money to fund the family. I have two children and as they grow older their demand for funding rises. Therefore it would be a good thing to grow into commercial applications with YaCy, because it could open up opportunities to have funding from commercial parterns. Thats what is reflected in the YaCy2 architecture. It even contains research opportunities, so partners could be universities as well.

If you want to join professional work with YaCy I don't stand in your way. When YaCyPi made a kickstarter campaign, I was advertising it. Today I know that YaCyPi was crap and nobody cared about it, but I have seen harm for the YaCy project (somebody approached me and sayd: "I wanted to support you, so I bought the YaCyPi, but it never worked".) Finding a commercial partner is really hard work. And you are on your own, finding a project. You must create a 'product' which suites you, like: providing support where you deliver consultantcy in a specified time range. You must ask yourself what you can do and create a contract which describes how your customer and you promise to deliver.

So if you want to start a crowdfunding campaign for _you_, just go for it. Because I want to learn from the past, I would like to support this only if the campaign gives transparency how you campaign is related to the whole project. For me, a crowdfunding campaign does not work right now. What would be your idea, what do you want to sell?
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Re: YaCy funding and development policy

Beitragvon luc » So Dez 20, 2015 12:57 pm

Hi Orbiter,
thank you for such a complete and honest answer. You are right, launching a successfull professionnal project with YaCy will need much thinking and preparation. I think for now I still lack some experience both as a user and in overall code architecture. But there are already many points I would be interested to improve. I feel it very important to make YaCy project alive, and lack of time is sometimes quite frustrating (but it's also vital not to forget life outside computers).

Currently I am trying to switch from a job in an engineering society, and to work on projects which reflect more what I believe in. Finding a company or organization somehow involved in free software and ready to invest some time on YaCy would be great. I am also not fully convinced with crowdfunding systems.

By the way, to my mind the most important for now would be to enhance YaCy newcomers experience : translation, community support, up to date wiki, system integration, reduce visual bugs, timezone problems, processing on low grade systems... Not impossible with some volunteers work, but I think some of these tasks are not the most interesting even if they require some time investment.

If I finally would be to start a crowdfunding campain it would be of course with your agreement, and with participation of anyone interested in YaCy team. I understand your disappointment with a project such as YaCyPi.

For now I hope to find enough time to continue improving YaCy the best I can, and I am already grateful you made it exists!
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Re: YaCy funding and development policy

Beitragvon luc » Fr Apr 29, 2016 9:45 am

Hi, I was recently reading about foundations supporting free software projects. I found some ones which I think are matching YaCy goals, and are calling for funding application with a deadline coming soon :
- NLnet Foundation : https://nlnet.nl/news/2016/20160601-call-en.html
- Internet Freedom Fund : https://www.opentech.fund/requests/inte ... eedom-fund

I am considering applying to support full time developer work on YaCy for one or a few people. The main roadmap could be something like :
- stemming of search queries : current one is quite basic
- performances : better control over disk and CPU use
- image and media search : improve results relevance
- mobile terminal use : current web interface should be improved for better compatibility
- accessibility : administrative web interface would benefit from code review and testing with accessibility tools
- easier ranking control : it must easier for users to customize ranking algorithm
- deployment for end users or for web portal administrators : more deployment options (desktop, cloud containers...) and more detailed procedures for admins are needed
- integration of existing external indexes : extend existing options(wikis, OAI-PMH, phpbbb forums) to other relevant formats
- detailed code review with security in mind : to target a larger audience, security can not be ignored
- modularization : it could be beneficial to split the monolithic project into well defined independent modules, eventually exchangeable
- documentation : protocol, API and end-user documentation has evolved slower than code
- peer implementation with WebRTC : an alternative peer implementation running purely in browser would lower entry barrier for newcomers

Any suggestion? Do you think it is a good idea?
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Re: YaCy funding and development policy

Beitragvon jcgryson » Di Mai 31, 2016 10:12 am

Dear friends,

I contact you regarding this topic. With my father and a developper we've financed the development of a company search engine.
WE HAVE lots of appointments and our clients (Famous french groups) have important needs of what we are offering them.
We built everything inspiring ourselves from Yacy.

Now our search engine starts to work but we need some skills for the scalability. So if one of you feels he can manage a big project we would be glad to go further.
Don't hesitate to contact me jc.gryson@gmail.com

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Re: YaCy funding and development policy

Beitragvon luc » Mi Jun 01, 2016 7:52 am

it sounds interesting. Have you already a website describing your activity?
Do you make use of some YaCy components and do you plan to contribute back to community project some of your coming developments?

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Re: YaCy funding and development policy

Beitragvon Choey » Mi Okt 12, 2016 6:47 am

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Re: YaCy funding and development policy

Beitragvon luc » Mi Okt 12, 2016 2:33 pm

You are probably right Choey and the Linkedin profile of jc gryson seems to confirm that.

At the time he sent the message on this forum he also sent me a private message I also answered approximately the same manner, but I never had an answer, so I considered it as spam...

To complete the updates on this post I also have to say I contacted some months ago the previously mentioned foundations. I received no answer from NLNet, and the Internet Freedom Fund answered they were "not able to provide financial support for your project at this time".
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