Recovery from crash

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Recovery from crash

Beitragvon oneaty » So Mai 18, 2014 4:01 pm


Sorry invading the deutsch forum with an english request for help, but my previous post ( on the english forum didn't get any reply.

My problem is that while running 24x7 Yacy 1.7 for GNU/Linux over an Ubuntu Server 14.04, whenever the server goes down due to a power outage, Yacy doesn't restart.

I found out that the computer crash always corrupts the file Yacy.conf, leaving an empty file as result, thus preventing startYACY from executing.

A possible workaround is to backup Yacy.conf and to have a startup script that tests if it is empty and have it restored, before calling I have already implemented this and it works.

There is only a small issue (I guess) with restoring Yacy.conf that way: whenever I hover the mouse over the Monitoring section of the left vertical column, I get the message "You did not yet start a web crawl! You do not see all monitoring options here, because some belong to crawl results monitoring. Start a web crawl to see that.", which is false, because I had already started crawls.

So, my questions is: Is my Yacy.conf restoring procedure correct, or should I backup/restore other files and eventually take other steps before calling
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