Seeking tested proven config files, please

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Seeking tested proven config files, please

Beitragvon xioc752 » Sa Mai 23, 2015 7:11 am

We are seeking tested, proven, recent config files for setting up a small but full p2p+dht non-public / private YaCy environment with multiple cloud based servers, please.

We need the config files please and some guidance (some advice, please, but not much), for the seed server and a generic set of configs for 'new' member servers that get added, one by one.
Our goal is to set up the group and then have a module of a 'new member' server - but an image which is empty of data - that can be added whenever needed. Ideally, please, just like in the public YaCy network, the 'new' one will know where to register and join the non-public / private group by itself whenever we add a fresh copy of the master client server image in a cloud somewhere! :)

We cannot find clear and > recent < instructions with > example files for creating a non-public / private YaCy group that are 'tested and proven' files for this, anywhere.
It is very frustrating. Maybe they exist, but where?
Theory is nice, and old examples from long ago, are nice for historians of code development, but in building something that works, it is better + Much Safer to start with something 'fresh' that someone has actually done 'recently,' please. Thanks for understanding. ;)

We wish to make a fresh, new and self-contained environment of multiple p2p+dht YaCy servers which is not connected to the existing public YaCy or any other open environments, please. We are researching something and need a little order in how we do this, please. Thanks!

It will be in clouds on ubuntu.

Can someone help us please or PM me with guidance on this, please?
I ma very happy to do it and then clean it up and put it back UP as > " recently tested and this worked " < of course! We got to get out of rough & ready beta / hobby thinking.

We will then import data we have already collected and the respective crawling instructions used in existing Robinson servers to each new one, and tear down the old Robinson servers.

Many thanks!
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