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Beitragvon luc » Fr Mai 13, 2016 9:36 am

Hi everyone, I am requesting you some advice or ideas for setting up YaCy in the following scenario (sorry to post in English) :

Let suppose I have some software hosted on GitHub or a blog hosted on a blogging platform or any web content on a central repository. I am bored with that and I want to self-host my content or at least choose my hosting organization.
So I may choose to run my own instances of GitLab and WordPress for example. I will be able to set-up a YaCy node in webportal mode and index my own content. Ok, great! Everything looks fine : visitors will be able to search my content, and I will contribute to the YaCy freeworld network.

But I still want visitors to be able to search my content among a larger community, as it was possible on the original platform. To my mind it looks like this part is not so obvious...
So how would you proceed and on which YaCy configuration options would you rely? Do you know examples of such communities or maybe the extra tools required?
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