Memory usage / multithread

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Memory usage / multithread

Beitragvon Choey » Sa Okt 15, 2016 8:00 pm

I noticed that a) the Memory use is above what is assigned to the JAVA-Machine and b) that I have only one CPU running at 100%.
Is this behavior to be expected? Teh configuration Interface is very slow to the point of not responding.
I run YaCy in a VM / Container. JAVA 8.
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Re: Memory usage / multithread

Beitragvon sixcooler » So Okt 16, 2016 9:34 pm

Hi Choey,

the memory usage you assigned is jut for the Heap-Space, but there are other Memory-spaces used in Java-Applications like YaCy - so thats correct.
I guess we made all processes multithreaded, that take a lot of time. A usage of a single core isn't something that should be the case for along time.
You description sound to me, like something is not running in a normal way - maybe we should have a look at your logfiles here.

Cu, sixcooler.
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