Run YaCy on a reverse proxy?

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Run YaCy on a reverse proxy?

Beitragvon dchmelik » Mi Okt 26, 2016 3:28 am

Can you run YaCy on a reverse proxy with a webserver, like instead of, use (port 80, redirected through your webserver software to 8090?) If so, I'd like to learn how (I use Apache 2.4.) I only speak English (and a little French) but feel free to continue this discussion in Deutsch if any speakers want help on this.
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Re: Run YaCy on a reverse proxy?

Beitragvon Praetor » Mi Okt 26, 2016 11:15 am

With a Apache server you can use a port forwarding.

E.g. use a new VirtualHost in your Apache-conf:
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<VirtualHost X.X.X.X:80>
ServerName xxxx
ServerAlias xxxx
Redirect permanent / http://xxx:8090/
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Re: Run YaCy on a reverse proxy?

Beitragvon Low012 » Di Dez 06, 2016 1:15 pm

Here is my configuration for lighttpd (in 10-proxy.conf):

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# /usr/share/doc/lighttpd-doc/proxy.txt

server.modules   += ( "mod_proxy" )
server.modules   += ( "mod_rewrite" )

$HTTP["host"]=~"" {
  proxy.server = ( "" =>
                   ( (
                       "host" => "",
                       "port" => 8090
                     ) )

Unfortunately my YaCy instance is unaware of this and still advertises its services via port 8090. Now my instance is available via the subdomain on ports 80 and 443 and via the public IP of the server on ports 8090 and 8443.

I don't think it is possible to configure YaCy to not advertise port 8090 but only some port configured by myself.

When I reimplemented upnp for YaCy some years ago, I think I added the possibility for upnp to override the "internal" port with an "external" port. I don't think these parameters are used if upnp is disabled though. I don't think there is much missing for this functionality, but I'm not very familiar with YaCy's code anymore since I have not contributed in a long time. :(
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Re: Run YaCy on a reverse proxy?

Beitragvon luc » Do Dez 08, 2016 8:17 am

Hello, some work has been done recently to make reverse proxy integration a little easier by ensuring purely relative URLs are used in the web UI (see where you can also find some configuration samples). But as far as I know some tricky points remain :
- RSS feeds and OpenSearch descriptions URLs are absolute, so may need to be rewritten by the reverse proxy
- in the peer to peer protocol, YaCy advertises others it is listening on port 8090 as default, or as defined in the port configuration property

So currently you still need connections on ports 8090 (or the one you configured) and eventually 8443 to be accepted by your reverse proxy.

Improving this and allowing YaCy to bind on a local port and to advertise peers about the reverse proxy public port for p2p operations is not that far, a bindPort config property is even already existing, but unfortunately not actually used...
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Re: Run YaCy on a reverse proxy?

Beitragvon Low012 » Do Dez 08, 2016 8:52 am

@luc: Thank you for your reply!

Even though I'm not actively developing at the moment I still try (failing most of the time though) to follow development by reading the git commit notes whenever possible. I actually saw the bindPort commit, but I forgot about it.
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Re: Run YaCy on a reverse proxy?

Beitragvon smokingwheels » Fr Dez 09, 2016 10:41 pm

Just an idea.

The Apache server in a cloud with an Iframe linked to a Squid proxy caching server internally.
UFW A firewall installed on a server so we are not a free proxy to the world, only allow our own Yacy Peer IP and ports and Apache but block Squid.

Also to experiment with List:
Polipo is an http proxy caching server (no longer maintained)
A flexible Low foot print webserver in QB64 a useful tool if in Windows. Wont compile in Ubuntu 14.0.4 yet.
QB64 can run on Windows. (Linux. Android.) = not tested or error.
(4.3 KiB) 107-mal heruntergeladen

Has plenty of options that need filling out, I will pass on that one at the moment.

Setup information to try:
Squid Proxy
Squid Proxy Caching
UFW Setup
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cheap dedicated servers

Beitragvon mathewwben » Di Dez 27, 2016 7:15 am

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