YaCy on the Raspberry Pi

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YaCy on the Raspberry Pi

Beitragvon marcdraco » Di Jan 10, 2017 2:12 pm

I found these instructions on the Wiki:

http://www.yacy-websearch.net/wiki/inde ... spberry_Pi

but there is already a Debian-based distro that comes with an optimised setup so you don't have to remove a lot of crap before you get cracking with your search portal!

DietPi: http://dietpi.com/

I'm about to try YaCy on a Pi3 (wish me luck!) using this excellent distro and if would be great if a few more of you are able to join me. DietPi already handles a bunch of stuff for me including my entire music and video library, radio, advert blocking (PiHole) and a bunch of other stuff. Decentralised search is more important than ever before and if we can get a few more people to join us with the Pi (and if it works) we can potentially build an open appliance to take the web back from the Google cancer.

EDIT: Well it worked (using the Debian installer - the instructions on the Wiki are way out of date). Predictably perhaps, bloody Java sent the poor little quad-core ARM7 spinning up so hard it hit 67C before I chickened out and hit the brakes. I've ordered some coolers so I can give it another go though. All that said, it seemed to work rather well, but I won't know for sure until it's been running for at least 24 hours without a hitch.

I wish someone would convert it to a better language like RUST, C or C++. I've never really understood why people think Java is suitable for these tasks: portable it may be, but efficient it aint!
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Re: YaCy on the Raspberry Pi

Beitragvon luc » Di Jan 10, 2017 8:09 pm

Hi marcdraco, dont' hesitate to update the wiki instructions with your own experience.

Regarding Java efficiency : IMHO performance issues are not so much tied to a programming language or another... Solr or ElasticSearch are examples of Java projects dedicated to indexing and are not really exotic choices for these tasks. What's more adopting Java has other advantages than portability, one example can be its extended core library (the JDK).

But of course, in a better world there would be multiple implementations of YaCy concepts in many languages ;)
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Re: YaCy on the Raspberry Pi

Beitragvon marcdraco » Mi Jan 11, 2017 2:27 pm

I'm not great with Wiki's Luc (I'm so old I started programming while we were just phasing out punched cards).

Actually, the debian package pretty much did everything on its own - it's case of

* Make a fresh install of DietPi (dietpi.com) for your SBC. (You're probably going to want a hard drive to.)
* Let it update, etc.
* Change the swapfile size to something a little larger - perhaps 600Mb (this is all available via DietPi's menus).
* Install YaCy from the debian package - that makes sure you get the right JVM.
* Optionally: link the YaCy store to the hard drive. I used a large (128Gb) MicroSD for my test.
* Stick a fork in it, it's done! :)

If you're using a Pi or similar, put a BIG cooler on that beast. There's a lovely metal case over at DietPi that will do the trick and allow the machine to throttle up to 1.2GHz 100% of the time without getting hot enough to keep your granny's feet toasty.
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Re: YaCy on the Raspberry Pi

Beitragvon _44-4N_26-1E_ » Mo Feb 06, 2017 6:09 pm

Greetings to all,

Last week I did a sucessful manual Headless install of yacy 1.92 on Raspberry Pi B+ using Raspian "Jessie"
using online instructions

http://www.yacy-websearch.net/wiki/inde ... spberry_Pi

everything seems to work ok. But it is a bit clunky (slow).

I am guessing that the main choke point is available RAM.
I will try a new install using DietPi to see what I can get in the way of perfomance.

I want a yacy install that can sit on a low power board and run 24/7

Best Regards from the center of the multiverse
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