Severe slowness for retrieving results

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Severe slowness for retrieving results

Beitragvon biolizard89 » So Apr 27, 2014 8:47 pm

I'm encountering an issue with the speed at which results are returned. I'm using Stealth Mode, so my local YaCy node shouldn't need to contact any remote YaCy nodes. When I try to retrieve a page of 100 results, YaCy is often quite fast immediately after booting (about 0.2 seconds to retrieve 100 results), but after running the exact same search continuously for 10-15 minutes, YaCy takes 10-15 seconds to give a page of 100 results. When I use more than one search query (e.g. search for one query, wait for results, then search for another query), it's even slower -- YaCy often takes over a minute to provide a page of 100 results, and in this case rebooting doesn't help much. I'm using the JSON API if this matters, and I'm also doing the search using Solr ranking parameters that have not been used before in this YaCy node (no idea why this would matter).

Any idea why this is happening?
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