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Yacy @ Darknet

Beitragvon Marty1986 » Fr Jun 20, 2014 12:00 pm


i'm sorry to inform that all the Yacy peers in the DarkNet are down :-( I followed the Howto at our Wiki but all Onion-Adresses seemed to be down :-(

Following the howto and using OnionCat as a VPN-Adapter, I set up a new peer. It's reachable via http://ox2rhzti2qgohu7a.onion:8482 as well as http://[fd87:d87e:eb43:75f5:13e6:68d4:ce3:d3e0]:8482

Your're welcome to contribute own services.

Nice greetings

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Re: Yacy @ Darknet

Beitragvon Marty1986 » Di Jul 01, 2014 1:01 pm

There is another YaCy at http://wsdzqx22thy3qs77.onion:8181 but I’m unable to download the seedlist from because the mentioned path htroot/seed.txt at Status.html is invalid :-(

All other Darknet Peers mentioned in the wiki article are down :-(
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