image search does not load all thumbnails

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image search does not load all thumbnails

Beitragvon Strapples » Fr Sep 19, 2014 5:31 am

OK so i run an image search for bearhug, lets say there are 26 results... only 4 images show up, why is this.

A note, my search engine is adult/fetish/fantasy themed so if you want to test it make sure you are OK with adult content.

run search for bearhug under images.

text search does not display this flakyness... but some of the text snippets are missing

is there something wrong with my computer or do I have to let the search completely finish indexing.

also How do I make sure it completely indexes my ENTIRE tumblr blog, without screwing with crawl depth excessively.
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Re: image search does not load all thumbnails

Beitragvon Orbiter » Fr Sep 19, 2014 7:21 am

Thumbnails in YaCy are very different from what you know from other search portals because they are not stored during indexing-time (other search engines pre-calculate the thumbnails) and the tumbs are generated at the very moment when the result page is shown. This can cause that large images are loaded and resized or that no image at all is found for some image links (dead image links). There are also web pages which 'fake' image urls (give the wrong mime type and/or have html pages behind links that have a .jpg extension) which can not be identified during indexing time because it would be necessary to load all the images. That would not make sense for p2p search because people would need to load images who never have a use of it.

Therefore the image search is a bit 'incomplete'. The handling of such cases is actually not finished; it would be possible to hide such cases from the user which is not done yet.
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