Yacy index how to increase the things you like.

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Yacy index how to increase the things you like.

Beitragvon smokingwheels » So Okt 26, 2014 10:53 am

A few months ago I found a useful tool to extract the links from a google search then transfer to the yacy crawler, it was rather useful to obtain my video links of all my videos on youtube.
For youtube search of yourusername site:youtube.com. You will need a spread sheet reader to view the links because its output to a CSV file.

The Tool can be downloaded at http://moz.com/tools/seo-toolbar and is free. I only advise using Firefox because its easier to turned off.
When you install it requires a restart of Firefox. Also when you disable it as well.

Perform your desired search in google then on the top right-hand side there is options button go to search settings then set Never show instant results then increase the results per page to 100 then save.

When you do a search now there is a menu up the top of the search page you must wait until the tool (Moz-Bar) converts the results then you can Export them to CSV, you will also see each result has a grey box with some info but thats only for the Pro/paid version.
Once the CSV file is saved you can open and copy all the second column (the link info) and put the into Yacy's Advanced crawler. Note if the list is shorter than 100 results you have not waited long enough for it to work.
I would only do 100 URLs at time so not to exceed the limits that might be on the site you are crawling.

Hope that helps.
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