Dependable release cycle

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Dependable release cycle

Beitragvon davide » Mi Jun 17, 2015 12:10 pm

I'm currently running the latest 1.83/9258 for my long-term stability test and I have to say it's a disaster. I had a look at the peers list from Network.html and checked for which release versions are deployed by users and get a picture of the distribution. As it stands, the most of the peers run some older development version (or "unstable") of YaCy, a few tens run the latest one (9258), and very few peers run an old stable release.

With these numbers, you'd think you could enable automatic updates for any newest dev version available and "blend-in" along with the other peers in the network which also run the latest release; this is to say, there would be enough eyeballs ready to spot bugs on such bleeding-edge releases that you could hide safely behind such a group of potential bug reporters and let bugs be identified and fixed in a matter of days, and then the fixes would quickly enter the next dev release and be automatically installed by the updater. This at least was my thought.

As it really stands, despite dozens of other users running my same version, I still had to report two severe major bugs which hamper the basic functioning of YaCy. The interesting fact is that despite all the bugs, defects, and possible improvements that I keep seeing around YacY, and all the many users which probably notice the same, only few people take their own time to report these on the bug tracker, thus making the lonely desert that it is.

As I understand, the best option for keeping a stable, long-term YaCy node seems to only install stable releases and avoid untested and neglected dev intermediate versions. I think that releases identified as stable would be free from such major oversights. The downside is of course that new features and many minor bugs affecting stable releases won't enter the next stable release until it's released, which could be several months.

I would like to understand what are your needs with YaCy, which deployment cycle have you chosen, and how much you are/will be dependable upon correct functioning of this engine.
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