Removing duplicates from results using fuzzy_signature_uniqu

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Removing duplicates from results using fuzzy_signature_uniqu

Beitragvon jtgajda » Mi Jun 17, 2015 1:21 pm

I am having difficulty removing duplicates from results using the fuzzy_signature_unique_b attribute.
I have put fuzzy_signature_unique_b:true in the Filter Query and the duplicates still appear.
I further examined the metadata for the duplicates and found that even the fuzzy_signature_l was the same for multiple results, the fuzzy_signature_unique_b was set to true in all cases. I think that fuzzy_signature_unique_b should be set to true only for the first instance that fuzzy_signature_l was unique. On subsequent loads, the fuzzy_signature_unique_b value should be set to false.
Is my logic correct or am I misinterpreting something?
I am using YACY on an Intranet for a private search so I am unable to provide links though I would be able to provide more data.
I am new to YACY and am very pleased with the results with the exception of the duplicates.
Thank you in advance for any insight that you may provide.

Jeff Gajda
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