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YaCy at libraries?

Beitragvon teirdes » So Sep 20, 2015 9:29 pm

Dear all,

A while ago, a Swedish government investigator proposed to construct a public service search engine in Sweden as part of a new government media strategy. The reason is that there is fear Google and other similar search engines bias information in favour of specific commercial parties, and hopefully also a critical analysis of how centralized search engines intransparently can affect social values and bias stereotypes (although I am personally unconvinced that this latter reason is at the heart of the proposal).

I'm now looking for people who'd be able to collaborate in Sweden for running a few YaCy pilots at libraries in different cities. This could have the advantage of pre-empting any proposal to build a new search engine from scratch (which would be prohibitively expensive, and also probably not work out well), and would also ensure the involvement of more libraries - including at the local level - in new digital tools.

There are a few libraries in Sweden who could conceivably be interested in such a pilot, I have understood. My background is not, however, technical and I'm not a YaCy developer or even a YaCy server provider. I'm wondering if there are any Swedes around, or failing that, Danes or Norwegians, and if they would be inclined to donate their time, name and expertise to such a project in further contacts with municipalities?

For many libraries in Sweden, initiating IT projects is quite cumbersome because they need to involve public administrations outside the libraries. In many cases IT is entirely integrated over the entire municipality. For this project to work, we'd have to be able to provide information on how to deal with YaCy in such a system (my local municipality is, for instance, unable to participate because of a Citrix-system which makes it complicated for the library to initiate even simple projects on its own).

If this sounds interesting, drop me a line. I don't have much more planned out at the moment. I also have no financial resources for this project (yet).
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