Image preview copyright issues

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Image preview copyright issues

Beitragvon luc » Di Jan 12, 2016 12:55 am

Hi everyone, oyvinds reported an issue with image search results preview in As that mantis is not directly related to image search I continue here the discussion.
I would resume this way : oyvinds reports two use cases where he would like full size images preview to work :
- running your own YaCy node and performing search requests from your own devices (tablet, smartphone, laptop...) without logging in
- using your own node to demontrate YaCy use from someone else computer, without need for log in

Currently it is true that full size image preview with YaCy is only available from local host or after authentication with admin account. However it is justified that one doesn't want to use admin login every time he wants to only perform images search, especially from someone else computer.
I suggest a first fix would be to allow full size image preview for non admin user accounts (created in /ConfigAccounts_p.html). Should we use already existing "Extended Search right" or create a new one such as "Full size image preview"?
Doing so, in the two use cases described above, there is no more admin password sent over network, or eventually stored in a untrusted computer.

Beyond that, do you think we should also make it possible for non authenticated users to display full size image previews in YaCy? If your node is publicly accessible, it may be considered as copyright infringement, depending on the country you are located (see for example ... nline_link or ... ringement/).
I suggest to keep default behavior (display only thumbnails for non authenticated users), but to allow finer configuration, choosing between :
- only providing image links
- links + thumbnails
- links + thumbnails + full size
Thus it would be the responsibility of a YaCy peer to adjust this config.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome, especially if someone is well informed on such legal issues.
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