Indexing local file:/// without going upwards

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Indexing local file:/// without going upwards

Beitragvon data2016 » So Feb 21, 2016 1:51 pm


how can I prevent a crawl from going upwards in the file hierachy given a path to start with via file:///home/user/data?
The thing that seems happening is that (maybe due to symlinks?) the crawler at some point starts index even root-folders of a linux system , so it clearly goes upwards and crawls folders like "/var /usr /boot", etc.

Crawler filter was already set to "Restrict to subpaths", any idea how to make sure Yacy only goes downwards, but never upwards in filehierachy?
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Re: Indexing local file:/// without going upwards

Beitragvon Orbiter » Fr Feb 26, 2016 11:22 am

maybe the 'restrict to subpath' does not work correctly because it expects a domain which is not there with file paths.
It should work when 'use filter' is set to a self-defined filter, like "file:///home/user/data.*" (I did not try that yet.. but if that does not work it is definitely a bug)
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