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Snippet generation

Beitragvon Alex » Fr Sep 16, 2016 5:00 pm


Is to possible to have a longer snippet generation? If not, is there any reason for that?
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Re: Snippet generation

Beitragvon luc » Fr Sep 30, 2016 4:10 pm

Hi Alex,
snippets are generated in different places, an some have definitely a fixed maximum size not configurable in the current YaCy :
- when no snippet was provided by local or remote Solr engine, YaCy tries to generate snippets on its own, with a hard-coded maximum size : see SearchEvent and constant SearchEvent.SNIPPET_MAX_LENGTH
- as far as I know, with results from remote YaCy portal peers, snippets will be generated by remote Solr, but you won't have control over their size as it is configured on the remote Solr
- the only case when you may be able to configure your peer (note I didn't tested this on mine) for a longer snippet size is probably in your local Solr configuration : see the related section in the default Solr Config and Solr Wikinstructions for example.

Best regards
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