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Yacy display no search results !

BeitragVerfasst: Do Dez 29, 2016 6:13 pm
von bubul
i run yacy on a server :

But since a week, it doesn"t display any search result, i've said in a post i've changed option to "Search portal for your own web pages" and after again to "Community-based web search", i've restarted yacy but it don't display search results, before, i've got a lot of results and i've near 4 millions of urls !

I don"t know what to do.

Re: Yacy display no search results !

BeitragVerfasst: Sa Dez 31, 2016 6:07 pm
von luc
Hey bubul, in the Peer-toPeer network page (/Network.html) your peer appears as not receiving DHT index. You should check in your Network Configuration page (/ConfigNetwork_p.html) that "Index distribution" and "Index receive" are enabled. The bug occurring when switching mode might have broken this part of your config.

And again I would suggest you to upgrade to the last version (backup your DATA folder if you want to be sure not to loose some data) as it includes many bug fixes and support will be easier for the currently limited number of active developers.
More generally, when you encounter some unwanted behavior, having a look at your logs and looking for errors is a good idea.

Happy new year!

Re: Yacy display no search results !

BeitragVerfasst: Sa Dez 31, 2016 8:38 pm
von bubul
Yes, it work again, thanks !

But results are strange, when searching alice miller (i've crawled website), the website names ( is not shown before more than ten results the first search and the second seem better

Same probleme with peter beter, i've crawled website but it's not shown in first results, but second search and it find it: ... Offset=-60

But third search and his website is not shown again !

And about the problem of speed in another post, when i used yacy at home with a 30mb it show sometimes 4000 ppm but often 200 or 300 maximum (a few mb), connexion is never really used, why not an option like memory max, but connexion max for yacy to set maximum use of connexion ?)

Yacy is very complex to use, what are LF and MH in /Crawler_p.html near (Speed / PPM) ?

Re: Yacy display no search results !

BeitragVerfasst: So Jan 01, 2017 3:06 pm
von luc
Good to know it works again.

When you search in peer to peer mode, unfortunately results are not very determinist given the nature of YaCy network and the implementation of the federated search algorithm... If you prefer to obtain results from your own local index for some search requests, you should preferably use the "Privacy mode" aka "Stealth mode" (the switch button is visible on a local YaCy peer or only when you are authenticated on a remote YaCy server).

You do not exactly have a "connection max" option setting, but something approaching in "System Administration > Performance Settings of Busy Queues" (/PerformanceQueues_p.html page) : in the Thread Pool Settings table, "Crawler Pool" maximum active value indeed controls how many crawling connexions are concurrently active at a given time.

I agree, YaCy can be quite complex to use and to adapt for one own needs and also to maintain. To my mind much has still to be done, but your feedback itself is also useful.

In Crawler_p.html, LF means Latency Factor, and MH means Max same Host in queue. I won't have time to detail today the precise role of these parameters on the crawler behavior, but if you are interested I can do it later. And I note a descriptive title should be added there in the user interface.

Have a nice day