Does YaCy supports p2p over different net types?(i2p/tor/cl)

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Does YaCy supports p2p over different net types?(i2p/tor/cl)

Beitragvon igorastds » Fr Apr 07, 2017 4:25 am

Hi all,
I've been reading docs and can't grasp the idea - suppose my node is running as a tor hidden service and is not able to access clearnet, also the crawling is limited to *.onion only. So all my peers are eventually discovered on tor.

If there's also another network running in i2p, and another network running on top of clearnet, and some of the nodes (not mine) are present on 2 or 3 networks at some time (I believe its possible?), will I be able to somehow utilize the benefit of having these peers to access the data while not leaving the privacy of tor-only access for me? Or these nodes and their content will be basically unavailable?

How is YaCy supposed to work over mixed network types?
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