Please enable HTTPS on the YaCy website

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Please enable HTTPS on the YaCy website

Beitragvon biolizard89 » Fr Jul 07, 2017 9:47 am

(I already tried to make this request via Twitter, but didn't seem to get a reply, so I guess I post here.....)

It's really unfortunate that a privacy-valuing project like YaCy doesn't support HTTPS on its website. Let's Encrypt is gratis, and is really easy to set up -- it took me something like 30 minutes to set up Let's Encrypt for the first time on a server I use. I've already been MITMed once by a Tor exit relay while visiting the YaCy website (it redirected me to a phishing page); I don't even want to know how many more subtle MITM's I've been subjected to due to the lack of HTTPS.

Can this please be rectified? I know YaCy is primarily a volunteer project; if time budget is a problem I'm happy to throw circa $20 USD at YaCy as a bounty to cover the time required to enable HTTPS.

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