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Problem with xlsx format

BeitragVerfasst: Fr Aug 11, 2017 9:07 pm
von edycop
Hi, I've tested to index a xlsx file but has a problem identifying numbers. This is what I tried:

1) with ods format, file://home/edycop/Documents/Prueba.ods, and in "Parsed Sentences" section it shows:
Nombre Cedula Edwin Caldon 10290230

2) with xls format, file://home/edycop/Documents/Prueba.xls, in "Parsed Sentences" section it shows:
&"Times New Roman,Regular"&12&A Nombre Cedula Edwin Caldon 10290230 &"Times New Roman,Regular"&12Page &P

3) with xlsx format, file://home/edycop/Documents/Prueba.xlsx, "Parsed Sentences" section it shows:
01210290230&C&"Times New Roman,Regular"&12&A&C&"Times New Roman,Regular"&12Page &P

And when I do a search by the ID number obviously in the list of results appear the two first files but the last doesn't. If you see in the last parsed result it shows a number with other numbers at beginning that doesn't below to the ID number, why happened this?

Thanks. Best regards.