we can not support non-english and non-german forums

You cannot post here. We do not have a forum for non-English and non-German languages.

we can not support non-english and non-german forums

Beitragvon Orbiter » Mi Jan 22, 2014 11:56 am

This forum is locked. You cannot discuss in non-english and non-german language. There is a simple reason for that:
  • The forum owner must moderate the content. A moderator must understand the content of the postings. Without an understanding of the language, we cannot react in case of spam, illegal content or bad habit.
  • For each language, we need a moderator. We had been asked to host french and spanish discussion forums, but we do not have a moderator for that.
  • A trustworthy moderator would need to commit fully to the task her/himself. In case that a moderator stops working, we would need to close the corresponding forum.
  • Because the forum owner cannot speak other languages than english or german, he cannot even recognize weather or not a non/english & non-german - moderator is doing her/his work well.

That means, we cannot host non-english/non-german forums here. But there is a solution for the problem:

You can become a non-english/non-german YaCy forum owner! Start your own forum!

If you run your own forum, then we will put a prominent link here in this section and on the http://yacy.net home page!
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