boorkmarks, usability and auto crawling configuration

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boorkmarks, usability and auto crawling configuration

Beitragvon bebop » Sa Aug 20, 2011 3:11 am

The possibility to organise domains through bookmarks appears very intereasting to me in order to organize my searchs.

but i still do not understand every thing about it.

Would it be possible to force yacy making search inside a specific bookmark folder ?
or to force it searching on bookmarks corresponding to

also would it be possible to use yacy only to find a bookrmark inside a very long list of bookmark ?
is it possible for all pears to use the same folders as a basis of organisation

is it possible to tel yacy to crawl only the domains in the bookmarks the best it can, with sitemap and rss as a basis
in a automatic way and without any need for more time consumming crawling configuration ?
so that it would become feasible to make yacy running for custom search engine.

because actually it is just to tricky

thise way of simplification would allow me to switch from google custom search on several thousands websites :
i organize my interest list of websites with a list filters

any time i had free time i try to invest my time switching to your open source tool.
but it is only to much time conuming to complicate ...

i do not need so much thing to configure :
just a 3 step use of the software

the bookmarks of my websites with the right folders/tag organisation
an auto crawling based on available ressources on the network using sitemaps and rss
a way to refine search results with the folders/tag of the bookmarks
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