A Few Tips for Windows Peers/Servers +

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A Few Tips for Windows Peers/Servers +

Beitragvon smokingwheels » So Okt 27, 2013 12:01 pm

TRY AT OWN RISK. Disclaimer. Win 2000 and XP are ok not sure about Vista or Win 7 + 8

Network problems/possible solution.

About Retail routers/modems eg consumer grade equipment.

To Any Home users setting up an old PC as a YaCy Server go online and buy any old Hub/Switch 10/100 Mbits and connect one lead to the router and the other end in the uplink port on the Hub/Switch, then connect all other PC's the the Hub/switch.
Hint the devices are all 19 inches wide.

Starting a YaCy client or server search engine with out having to manually click icon or logon in Windows. Please Ask me if you have trouble understanding what I type.
Feel Free to comment including Mods.
I have used this handy little program to start lots of Windows programs and batch files for many years now as Services.

ServiceExe is a Program to install a Program as a service in Windows, so that it will automatically start with windows in a timely manner, there is a optional delay to set if needed for wait for system to start up.

Web Site for more info.

Download for ZIP File

ServiceExe Zip File
(108.44 KiB) 142-mal heruntergeladen

UnZip ServiceExe.zip to your YaCy folder then add a folder called Logs in it.

I have Successfully shifted my YaCy folder to C:\YaCy.
I do not use Filenames with Spaces if you need to just enclose with quotes "".
Note: From the best of my memory.

This is the important Section in my YaCy.ini, after copy and rename the test file.


A simple install and removal procedure for Serviceexe.exe and the program you have installed. See the END of this thread for contents of YaCy.ini ..

Create a Batch file called YaCyinstall.bat
Serviceexe /install YaCy.ini /s /a

The /s is for Start Service after install.
The /a is for setting an Automatic startup by default.
Both settings can be left out if you are unsure.

Create A batch file called YaCyremove.bat
Serviceexe /remove YaCy.ini

Contents of my YaCy.ini adapt to suit your install.

; ***************************************************************************
; Example configuration file for ServiceExe.exe
; History
; When Who What
; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
; 2008-02-04 Thomas Created.
; 2010-09-27 Thomas Updated for different fail strategies.
; ***************************************************************************


; The service's name to display.
; The service name (not the display name) is the name of the ini file.

; The service's description.
ServiceDescription=This is Windows flavored YaCy Search Engine, Peer To Peer Driven. The network does not store user search requests and it is not possible for anyone to censor the content of a shared index. See http://www.yacy.net/en/index.html

; Time in seconds to wait before the processes are
; started.

; Time in seconds to wait between each process to
; start.

; Path to the log files. If this is not given, the application's
; (executable file's) path is assumed. Note that this will not work
; without changing the permissions accordingly.


; Lists all the sections of the processes, separated by blanks.


; Specifies the behaviour in case the process terminates or its
; creation fails. Default is behaviour 0.
; 0 = The service stops, terminating all processes that belong to it.
; Use this for Windows command line applications.
; 4 = The service stops, ending all processes that belong to it by
; sending WM_QUIT messages to their windows. Use this for
; Windows GUI (graphical user interface) applications.
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Re: A Few Tips for Windows Peers/Servers +

Beitragvon smokingwheels » So Jan 12, 2014 1:05 pm

If you have just a Windows box just for yacy, compress the hdd in advanced properites.
I did it to my disposable one and the gain on the YaCy home page external load time was about 20% boost.

Do a before and after test at http://www.webpagetest.org/ make sure to choose your location correctly. it will give some idea of how well your system is performing.

On My old P4 3 G as a Base Line for everyone to go by, no I am not going to put yacy on old P2.
I have ADSL 2+.
I will say that on normal hdd space I had a load time of 8.1 seconds
When using compression on hdd space it was approx 6.1 seconds.

Will continue further testing with Java VM of 1200 mb.

I installed a second SCSI drive after checking my P2 server and found an 18 year old SCSI card....upgrade from 50 pin.
I did a little tuning and using compression as well, my server new has a 4.450 to 5 seconds load time for the YaCy search page to complete.
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Re: A Few Tips for Windows Peers/Servers +

Beitragvon smokingwheels » Fr Dez 09, 2016 8:58 pm

The program source website has gone.

The ServiceExe.zip is stored here and I have a copy and anybody else who has downloaded it and still has it.

I have been forced to change my free subdomain a few times for various reasons.
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