Where's the English section?

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Where's the English section?

Beitragvon dir » So Dez 15, 2013 7:03 am

Sorry, I might be misunderstanding things here but apparently this is the "English and German Forums for YaCy", but almost all of it is in German (I assume). I don't speak German so I can't even read the forum headings to work out which section of this forum to post this question in.

If this is supposed to be an English AND German forum, how come none of the section names and descriptions are also in English? I tried to find some sort of toggle but can't locate one.

Is there some way to filter out English or German posts so that the forum is more readable? Unfortunately, for people that only speak one language, it makes any attempt at using this forum essentially unusable. I don't mind that most of the posts are in German (which may in itself reflect the underlying problem if non-German people are dissuaded from using this forum), but to gain broader acceptance and usability, there needs to be some way for non-German people to use this forum - or, at least, be able to read the forum section names!

I saw that there is/was another forum/bbs for english language but its clearly not active. I've been involved in many communities that are located in Germany or have a majority of German users, but they have separated their forums into language-specific areas. Examples include Media Portal and Meedio but I've seen this forum/bbs software used on many sites and all of them keep the languages separate.

I think the main developer leads of YaCy need to understand that broad acceptance and widespread use of this search engine requires accepting that forums need to facilitate and encourage global use, and the interfaces to the engine, forums, and apps need to be user-centric. I think YaCy is very much still in the control of extreme technical people that fail to understand this and will likely continue to ignore this as a priority. YaCY simple cannot and will not succeed without strong guidance from non-technical people that have an understanding of marketing, presentation, user interfaces, usability, and ease of use.

You will be able to tell which sort of person you are by how strongly you disagree with me. Unfortunately in my 30+ years experience with technical people, there have been almost zero individuals that have been able to bridge this divide.

I'll look up YaCy in a year or two to see if anything has changed, but mark my words, if the leadership behind this forum and this search system do not introduce marketing/management/usability experts that have equal say in direction, YaCy will remain a marginal product that will never take off. How do I know this? I'll put up my 30 years of technical development, infrastructure, and product management against any tech-centric person any day.
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Re: Where's the English section?

Beitragvon Yududi » So Dez 15, 2013 1:54 pm


yeah, I think the structure of the forum should be changed.
But it would be better if you actively participate in this process.
Do you have an idea how the structure of the forum should look like?

- News
- ...

- News
- ...

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Re: Where's the English section?

Beitragvon Low012 » Mo Dez 16, 2013 12:24 pm

Maybe this thread could be merged with this one: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=4872
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Re: Where's the English section?

Beitragvon Orbiter » Di Dez 17, 2013 10:41 am

@dir, your thoughts about structuring the forums into language-specific departments is basically right, but the hint 'and english forums' in the title is just a patch to the problem that the english forums in yacy-forum.org is so badly maintained and full of spam and it is not a good place to link to at this time.

The very simple answer to the demand to make international sections in the forums here is that it would also not be possible for us to maintain non-english/german sections because we cannot speak these languages. The only exception is english, therefore we encourage the people to also speak english here. Nevertheless I believe that a spanish/french/russian etc. YaCy forum should be maintained by someone who speaks this language and therefore should run their own forums.

This is therefore a call to everyone who wants a non-german YaCy forum: please start one yourself! I will be happy to link your forum on yacy.net
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