Drupal module Search API Solr Search with YaCy

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Drupal module Search API Solr Search with YaCy

Beitragvon zptoth » Di Apr 05, 2016 8:34 pm


there are modules available, with which Solr could be used as a backend for the popular Drupal CMS. For example:


My question is if any of these could be used together with YaCy, which is Solr base but without a installing a separate Solr server?
By doing so the power of YaCy network (freeworld) could be used, which would be a great advantage when building a custom search solution for larger sites.

I'm looking for a solution, which is based on YaCy freeworld but able to perform search based on predefined filters, which happen to be various types of Drupal entities.

Do you think this is possible?

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Re: Drupal module Search API Solr Search with YaCy

Beitragvon luc » Di Jun 07, 2016 9:57 pm

Hi, YaCy is currently based on Solr and can even be used with an external Solr server. So your idea makes sense.
But I think the first problem you will be faced with these modules is that they provide their own solr config and schema which of course is different from the one used in YaCy. I am not sure how you could do the mapping between these two... Did you already tried some experiments?
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