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Implemented Translation Community Support

Beitragvon reger » Mo Aug 29, 2016 2:18 am

With commit ... c5512bdd1e
v 1.91/9114 I implemented a additional news service to share added or modified UI translation (with intention for easy community support)

- YaCy UI translation modification (via http://localhost:8090/Translator_p.html ) are stored in a local translation file (DATA/locale/??.lng)
- with the new http://localhost:8090/TransNews_p.html servlet the entries in this file can be shared via the internal news service
- this servlet offers to vote (positive/negative) on the translation proposals in the new spool
- on positive votes, the news entry is added to the own local translation list and a voting message is added to the news pool

At this time, no rule has been implemented to handle remote voting news.
One not really correct handling is, after voting (and by that adding to the local file) one may publish the remote translation as own proposal (the local translation uses just the *.lng format with no info about the origin). But a check is included to not duplicate translation proposal for same key/source text.

Further ideas are (not implemented yet):
- route news to a language maintainer, so it can finally be included in the distribution (but we probably need to update and verify the list of available maintainers)
- do something with the voting
- use xliff file format for local modified translation file and include status information (see point above)

But to get going and see what can be improved,
have fun to push some news out.

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Re: Implemented Translation Community Support

Beitragvon luc » Do Sep 01, 2016 10:43 am

Hi reger,
I have updated french translation for AccessGrid_p.html and Autocrawl_p.html pages and then successfully published the corresponding news. Here are my first remarks :
- I had to click 2 times on the 'Publish' button : why not publish in one time changes related to each page?
- The news entry resume only mentions the first updated/added translation : I think it would be more readable to also mention the number of modified entries
- A link to /TransNews_p.html in Status.html would also give more visibility and encourage users to experiment with this new functionnality

Thanks for your work.
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Re: Implemented Translation Community Support

Beitragvon reger » So Sep 04, 2016 12:10 am

Hi luc,

thanks for the input
and agree to all (the 1st is fixed, the 2nd is not 100% clear to me, the 3rd soon).

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