quick results without P2P vs. remote search

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quick results without P2P vs. remote search

Beitragvon Orbiter » Do Sep 08, 2016 4:12 pm

The bootstrap webclient https://github.com/yacy/yacy_webclient_bootstrap now points by default to http://search.yacy.net using the solr endpoint. It can be hosted as github pages and thats the case with that repository. It can be tested at http://yacy.github.io/yacy_webclient_bootstrap/

This shows how fast a YaCy search page could deliver search results, if no p2p activity is done. I believe we should consider this method as default in the future and abandon the old YaCy search page to move on to a modern architecture of web pages using a JSON service and a standard search engine backend (here: Solr. elasticsearch may come someday...).

The question is: how can we still integrate a p2p search? Doing p2p and collecting the results would make it necessary to push their results into the index before retrieving the combined result. I did not test that yet but I doubt that this is fast.
An alternative would be, to search in the p2p network _after_ the result has been delivered - just to enrich the search index further for the next search. But that would work only for large search portals with many users.
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Re: quick results without P2P vs. remote search

Beitragvon luc » Fr Sep 09, 2016 1:19 pm

Hello, if we want to use lightweight webclients such as this one, why not simply rely on the /yacysearch.json API as the backend service when we wish to have realtime P2P search?

It is already implemented and as far as I know it concurrently queries and mixes results from both the local Solr index, remote DHT and Solr peers and even OpenSearch hosts...

To my mind it is one of the aspects that makes YaCy quite unique. It might appears sometimes inefficient and can certainly be optimized, but aren't performance issues partly due to an undersized p2p network? I mean in my own YaCy usage, I have the feeling that longer search results tend to occur when searching rarely indexed terms or when low bandwidth peers are answering... With more running peers, can't we expect p2p operations performances to improve?
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